Lacquered or unlacquered?

I recently removed the lacquer from the bell of my TR430 Courtois trombone, which is the original prototype for this model. Due to the thickness of the bell metal, the horn slotted incredibly well, giving each pitch a well-rounded core. Since I removed the lacquer, it is even BETTER!!! Do any trombonists have thoughts on this subject?

2 thoughts on “Lacquered or unlacquered?”

  1. What’s up Jim,

    Life is great 40 miles South of Seattle. I’m currently playing on a .508 satin finish Edwards, but I can imagine it would be “killing” unlacquered. I’m looking into a yellow brass set-up (.508) w/ a rose brass tuning slide for the future. Need to call Michael @ the Edwards factory. Anyway, all is good…….just did a radio spot @ KPLU. You can YouTube “56th Army Band KPKU” It’s also on We did an audio feed as well as one of originals……”Ego.”

    In the shed,

    Steve Kirkpatrick

    P.S. Heading to the Triple Door in 3 weeks to see Chris Potter………can’t wait!!!!!

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