The blogosphere…. one more thing to take up valuable time! ¬†However, we will discuss trombone related issues here so I welcome any comments!

First post…. Trombonists (and all brass players for that matter), please make it a habit to show up to every big band gig you do with the following¬†mutes:

You can purchase all of these mutes for less than $100 and if you take care of them, the chances are good that you will have them for decades. There is nothing worse than sitting in a trombone section where two of the four members are sans mutes, having forgotten them or, in some cases, having never owned any! Not cool.


6 thoughts on “Mutes!”

  1. Very true. I’m going through a “no-mute” phase right now. Really trying to find my sound right now through writing, shedding, transcribing, etc.

    In the shed,

    Steve K.

    P.S. Nice solo on “Paper Moon” w/ the ETW thing. Saw it on YouTube…….enjoyed it!!!!!

    1. Mutes really can offer different textures, not to mention their necessity in any big band. For instance, I did a hit yesterday afternoon in a church in NJ with Denny DiBlasio. VERY live room and he played flute on a couple of things. If I would not have had my bucket mute, the mix of those 2 horns would have been wack!

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